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Zachary Taylor Haislip
May 11, 1994 Manager Committed Relationship 2 Kristine Lynn Toolis 04/01/1996 Cartison Skyy Haislip 06/26/2013 Anthony Tyler Haislip 03/04/2016 4804798637 4804798637
Kathy Harper
December 12, 1969 Administrative Assistant Married 2 Richard Harper, 3/25/1966 Katherine Morgan Harper 10/24/1993 Sydney Faith Harper 5/17/1998 7048219739 7048219739
Patricia Morgan (Hartman)
February 24, 1948 Retired hair stylist Married 2 James R. Hartman 02/18/1942 Danny C Hartman 03/13/1972 Nicole Hartman- Lacerna 06/26/1975 2524828762 2523338899
Grandchildren Alyssa Morgan Hartman,Zachary Taylor Haislip, Nicholas Carl Hartman,Morgan Alexander Haislip, Aidan Marshal Hartman,Liam James Hartman. Great Grandchildren: Cartison Skyy Haislip,Natalie Nicole Jethro, Anthony Tyler Haislip.
Nicole Hartman (Hartman-Lacerna)
Student/ tech support advisor Married 2 Carlos Lacerna 05/14/1972 Zachary Taylor Haislip 05/11/1994 Morgan Alexander Haislip 08/31/1998 4802356872 4802356872
2 grandchildren Cartison sky Haislip Anthony Tyler Haislip
Annie Ives (Horton)
May 26, 1934 Retired-NC Department of Transportation Married 4 Jack O. Horton DOB: 1/19/1929 Janet C. Horton - 3/18/1955 Susan H. Brown - 7/9/1956 Terry H. Jordan - 6/20/1958 Leigh H. Austin - 3/20/1963 252-335-5300 252-312-5300
I'm so looking forward to being with family again in 2017.  I retired in 1994 and love every minute of being retired - I do work on Fridays at Jack's office.  Jack retired from US Postal Service in 1989 and retirement did not agree with him.  He has been a self-employed Real Estate Appraisal since his retirement from Postal Service.  He likes being his own boss.

Our only claim to fame is that we have 4 special daughters, 4 special son-in-laws and 5 beautiful granddaughters.  We have been so blessed.
Janet Horton
March 18, 1955 Family Nurse Practitioner Married 1 Vince Tanner Maggie Tanner 06/27/91 Seth tanner - deceased 4/30/92 8042279959 8042293935
Terry Horton (Jordan)
June 20, 1958 Clerical Married 1 Neal Jordan- 08/20/1958 Ashley Jordan- 03/03/1986 252-330-2111 252-339-1125
Kim Hopson (Joye)
Profile picture
Executive Secretary Divorced 1 Jeff Gordon, Sr. 9/15/1986 706-529-8679 706-217-7499
Charles Palmer
Profile picture
Profile picture
September 24, 1943 Retired truck mechanic/fabricator Married 2
Folks, we've shot another 10 years.  It's probably just me, but it certainly don't seem like its been that long.  I've been told many times that life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The closer to the end it gets the faster it goes, and I'm a firm believer.

Susie had to give up her school bus driving job of 17 years in 06 due to macular degeneration.  I turned wrenches for 44 years and found a hole under the fence in 08. Retirement meant a change in my job discription when I became Susie's chauffeur and bag holder.  That gave her plenty of time to perfect her honey-do list so I can stay out of trouble.

The Palmerosa keeps both of us busy but you know the old story about all work and no play.  We began going to several music rooms in the area.  Most of the musicians have played professionally at some point in their lives.  It's who ever shows up and it's almost a jam session with anyone that wants to sing.  One is Bluegrass, one is old country and gospel, and one is old country, 50's, and a little rock & roll.  $2 a head and a bag of tater chips for three to four hours of good entertainment with no smoking, no foul language, no drinking and that's hard to beat.  Niether of us play or sing but we dance and applaud those who do.

We celebrated our 50th anniversary back in 2014 and renewed our vows.  Then it was party time.
David Phelps
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Profile picture
Retired Widowed 2 Melissa 1/25/1971 Steven 6/7/1974 540-721-1334 540-420-5806
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